Sonntag, 20. Januar 2013

Once in a while in english

Ich weiß, dass meine Partnerin ein wenig neugierig ist und mich bestimmt fragen wird was ich denn hier so schreibe. Also habe ich entschlossen ab und zu in englisch zu schreiben. Ich weiß es ist nicht perfekt, aber sie wird es verstehen (oder mich fragend ansehen..^^).

My english is not perfect, but I try my best. This is maybe the same what I thought before I met my partner the first time. She can just speak few things in german and so far my japanese is still beginner level. So we speak english. (But her english is like native level and my german school level)..
So far I just wrote in this Blog about my situation. That my partner is now in Japan, and I'm still in Germany. But soon (in 3 weeks) I will go to Japan. My plan there is to go to a language school and become better with my japanese. And a bit later to find a Job next to the school.
She finished her study in December, wich took mostly 1 year in Germany. And also in December she was going back to Japan. In total we could'nt be together for 8 weeks. Wich is so hard for me. I'm so ready to go to the airport.
My mother is not ready for that at all. I think she is really sad that I will go. And also my father said the other day, that he will be a bit sad when they will bring me to the airport. But before I go I will teach my mother to use skype and read this Blog. And maybe I will make some videos and post them on youtube. Because of the different time it can be getting harder to find a time for chatting.

But at all I looking forward to see my wonderful partner. Even when it's not that easy / or usual as female couple in Japan.

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