Sonntag, 24. März 2013

It's time for english again

Yes again, I try to write in this blog in english.

So I'm in Japan since the 10th of February. I was really happy to come here and see my partner again. I was missing her so much. But of course also some tears came at the airport when I had to say "see you later" to my parents and a friend who also came to the airport.
Time passes by kind of fast. Next week my school starts and I'm so excited how it will be, and how the other people are and so on. Also I'm a bit afraid, because first I have to start with a test, so they really see how high my Japanese level is (or even not). Well, will see what comes. I tried to learn by myself, but I'm not good at it. I learn best during a lesson, or situations. (hope people understand what I mean with situation.. ^^) I was visiting a volunteer lesson, wich was once a week. But mostly I was learning Kanji, because I told my teacher I like them.

So far my partner and I were meeting many people at any LGBT-events in Tokyo. It is really nice to see the events and join them. Even when I don't understand much so far. But people are nice, and some try to have conversation in english with me. And I'm looking forward to the Rainbow-parade in April.
But next to the fun it's still a different situation for me. In Germany I'm out and don't really care what people think. My partner have some friends who know and some don't. And also when school starts or when I meet new people (not from LGBT-events of course) I decided to say nothing.

Of course my partner is working during the day and I'm most time alone. Sometimes her mother ask me to go anywhere, for example to a shrine, or cherry blossoms and so on. But most time I walk around by myself. And sometimes I go by my bycicle. But I'm a shy person, so it's sometimes hard for me to go around alone. To get away from this and also to use the language I set me sometimes goals to do. Going to hair dresser, or Post office or what ever. So far it was working ok. ^^

Well that's it for today. Any Questions? Just write a comment or a meesage. :)

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